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Because the Tag Heuer Carrera Mikrograph Replica factory established in the beginning of his successor, Eduardo Heuer had only 1 belief that the timing need to continue to climb the peak. It's as a result of this belief in 147 years of development history, TAG Heuer lasting bonds using the movement, has produced a large number of "first world", and every "first world" associated with the movement.

In 1882 the first mechanical clock patented by TAG Heuer and TAG Heuer sports timing began authority; 1895 received the first patent for a waterproof pocket to facilitate the sailing of the athletes, invented in 1916 to 1% accuracy watches second cease playback, then the third Olympic sport joint projects on time in 1933 invented the world's first device within the auto chronograph Autavia dashboard tailored to the automobile; 1969 invented the world's initially single square box code while diving Monaco, developed specifically for diving .. . ...

Is it Edward lover of sports? TAG Heuer, the creation of accurate timer also has a strong sense of mission. In 1860, TAG Heuer inside the picturesque Swiss town Shengyi Mai, founded his own little watch shop, opened the original, noble, Replica Tag Heuer Carrera Mikrograph watches fashion.

Each and every TAG Heuer replica watches in the history of pretty much any interpretation of a classic style. Founder of the TAG Heuer replica watches to their design philosophy - to eliminate unnecessary particulars, the TAG Heuer will be able to distinguish one style.

TAG Heuer Classic - 1 of the very first introduced in 1930 Monza, cushion-shaped case has a form, and using a genuine alligator strap. This really is the renowned Monza circuit inspired by Italian style. Classic Style II - produced in 1964, Carrera, with large crown and chronograph buttons and sleek appearance. CAR-RERA its name from essentially the most dangerous racetrack is in the history of Mexico's Carrera Panamericana Mexico. best Tag Heuer Carrera Mikrograph Replica series (prior to S / series, which indicates movement and elegance "Sport / elegance), the S-shaped design might be made extra user comfort and freedom of movement. F1 Ayrton Senna had began this series of 3 F1 Globe Championships

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